Hardware Department

Our nuts and bolts wall will have everything you need to get the job done. 

 We carry grade 5 and grade 8 bolts. Rubber and neoprene washers, brash bushings

 Galvanized carriage bolts, and metric bolts, snap rings, steel spacers, hitch pins, square keys

 Stainless steel bolts, washers, nuts, drywall anchors, concrete anchors, concrete tapper screws, toggle (molly) bolts.

We carry Camo Brand nails and deck screws.

Deck screws, drywall screws, finish nails, galvanized nails

Masonary nails, fence staples, roofing nails

Eye hooks, eye bolts, u-bolts, cup hooks

L-brackets, screen door handles,door stops, coat hooks,screen door hooks, 

Door hinges, barn door hinges and locks

Screen door handles, screen door springs, cable pulleys, carabiners

Cabot Stain.jpg

Our selection of Cabot colors and stain products will fit your needs perfectly. 

We have a variety of paint chips to help you when picking the best color for your kitchen, bath or other projects.

We mix and color match paint!

We carry Valspar paint and Cabot Stain!

You can clean up any mess with any one of these fine products.

Window cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Tile cleaner, Auto cleaner, Tub & Toilet Cleaner, Trash bags, Brooms, Brush's, Dust pan's and Mops!

After you finish cleaning, fix any leaks or broken drywall with our help. 

Drywall mud, Vinyl repair, Normal sized Caulk and Caulk guns.

Tape,paint thinner and jumbo Caulk

Get a head start with any of these wonderful products.

Axe's,Maul's,Wedge's and Handle's


Bungee Cords!

Window striping, Door Sweeps and window Spline

Gas Cans, Diesel Cans and Kerosene Cans!


We carry Generators!

and Straps!

and more Generators!

More Generators!

Mole Traps, Small Critter repellent, Glue Boards and Poison 

Citronella Candles, Tiki Oil and Owls with rotating heads

Bird Seed, Bird Seed Feeder, Seed Bells, Seed bell Cages, Suet Cakes, Suet Cake Cages, Humming Bird Food, Humming Bird Feeder, Bird Houses, Bat houses and Corn Cabs for Squirrels

Trailer Lights, Trailer Reflectors, Trailer Hitchs, Trailer Hitch Balls, Trailer Pins, Trailer Legs

Critter Repellent

Audubon Bird feed and supplies

We also carry Auto, Trailer and RV supplies

Motor Oil, Window washer fluid, and Gear oil

Lithium Grease, Hydraulic oil, Oil pans, and Antifreeze

Extension cords Power strips Surge protectors


storage bins, electrical adapters, septic hose's, water filter's, water hose line, RV antifreeze and the all important RV and Marine Toilet paper

We stock drill bits for wood, metal, ceramic, brick and concrete

Prepping the wood
Prepping the wood for Cabot Stain